• Welcome to Kazzui!

Welcome to Kazzui!

What it's all about

Kazzui is an Australian based Laser-Cutting and Engraving Studio producing unique and beautiful wooden products.
What makes my products special is my ability to combine beautiful designs with eco-friendly Australian plywood and produce unique treasures.

I personally do each and every step of the production - from designing to assembling the finished products.

Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world with fascinating wildlife inspired me to focus on wooden eco-friendly products. All of my products are made out of Australian Plywood. I am by no means perfect but I'll try my best to create options for you that are less harmful for our planet. For example: Wooden Jewellery Stands, Gift boxes, Gift Tags, Christmas Decor and much more.

My shipping is either in compostable mailers or cardboard boxes. I aim to soon replace plastic tape with Natural adhesive, compostable sticky tape that will improve my No-Plastic shipping process further.  
However, I'll reuse plastic wrapping (bubble wrap etc.) to at least give them a second live.