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How to keep your earrings sparkling clean

Written by Mary Price for Alessa Kubica // Kazzui

No matter what they’re made of, or how expensive they might be, all earrings need to be cleaned regularly! Over time you might notice that your earrings start to dull and lose their beautiful sparkle – cleaning can bring them back to their original form. Cleaning your earrings is also important for avoiding infection or irritation. With pierced ears, the outer layer of skin that provides a natural barrier to most bacteria is broken, so we can become more susceptible to infection.

Check out our top tips for cleaning your earrings:

1 - Hydrogen peroxide is your best friend

Hydrogen acts as both a disinfectant and washes away grime. For a quick fix, put some peroxide on a cotton pad or an old wash cloth and use it to clean all over the earrings. Another option is to drop the earrings into a small cup of hydrogen peroxide and leave them there for a few minutes. Then rinse them under hot water and pat dry.

2 – Clean sterling silver with a silver cleaner

Sterling silver is sensitive to oxygen and water and can start to oxidise really easily. This is why you might be noticing that your silver earrings look a lot dirtier than your gold jewellery. Rubbing some silver cleaning wipes or silver cleaner added to a microfibre cloth over your silver earrings will have them look good as new!

3 – Bring back your diamond’s sparkle with dish soap

Who would have thought it would be this easy to make your diamonds sparkle like the day you first wore them? All you need to do is soak them in a soap and water solution for about 3 minutes, and then gently brush them with a soft toothbrush. Rinse them with water then let them air dry and their sparkle will be back in no time!


4 – Be gentle with your pearls

Pearls are very fragile and need to be treated with the most care out of all your earrings. To clean them, gently wipe any grime off with a cloth. If you can’t get all of the dirt off, use a damp cloth and then leave to air dry.

Kazzui How to clean your earrings

Once you’ve got your earrings looking brand new, don’t ruin all your hard work by storing them somewhere they’ll just get dirty again! Check out our jewellery storage solutions to keep your earrings beautifully on display and protected from grime.

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